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We’re a different kind of online printing.  Yes, I know you’ve heard that before and you’re thinking “Sure you are.”  You’ve been disappointed time and time again by big-name printers who provided you with inferior products and an ordering process that practically demanded you buy multiple products.  You’ve had the pleasure (sic) of paying $30, $50 or even $80 for business cards that started out “free,” just so you could have the basics.

At Proof Print Deliver, we don’t believe in teaser pricing, we don’t believe in upgrade charges and we don’t believe in using anything but the highest quality product.  How do we work?

  • ALL materials are printed on high quality premium paper stock – for example, 16 pt stock for business cards (most places only use 10, or 12 if you’re lucky).
  • There are NO UPGRADE FEES.  You want printing on the back?  You got it.  You want that printing in color?  You got it.  You want a matte stock?  You got it.  Your price doesn’t change.  We believe you should get the printing you want, the way you want it, without being nickeled and dimed to death.
  • SHIPPING IS FREE – and it doesn’t take 2 weeks.  Standard turn around on business cards is about a week — from the time you order to the time UPS rings your doorbell and hands you the box.  There’s none of this paying double to get things processed in less than 18 days (EIGHTEEN!).
  • WE OWN OUR ART.  Not only do we own our own art but if you love the design we created for you, and you want to do something with it that we don’t do (for instance, a billboard or embroidery), we can make it happen.
  • Use our artwork, or your own.  We don’t charge extra for you to upload a press-ready file of your own design for your printing.  Gosh, that seems like charging you money to save us time… wrong on so many levels.
  • We help you figure out what product(s) you need – not just show you what makes us the most profit.  Everybody likes to make money, and that is the goal when you’re a business.  However, we believe that if we help you pick the right marketing tools for your specific use, and teach you why those tools are going to be the best at getting you the results you want, it’s a win-win situation.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to know that they can have the printing they want, at the quality they want, and at pricing they can afford.  Beautiful designs, unique and creative, high quality printed materials and easy-to-understand pricing make marketing better.

What’s the best thing you can do, as a business, when it comes to marketing?

Educate yourself about marketing and marketing materials.  Marketing is not an expense, it’s an investment in your business.  Take some time to learn about the different forms of marketing and advertising — not just traditional print mediums but stretch to digital marketing, social media and other forms.  Take time to learn what your customers respond to and spend your marketing dollars wisely — without being tightfisted.  A startup business’s marketing budget may be as much as 100% of their revenue in the very beginning, as they build their brand.  And marketing will continue to be a part of your budget for all the years you are in business, probably 10-20% of your revenue, depending on your market and the time of year.

Ready to get started?  Check out our FAQs to  learn more about printing, read through some of our blog posts on printing and marketing, or go straight to our store!

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